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According to Google, “Content and Links going into your site, are the two most important ranking factors followed by RankBrain” – Andrey Lipattsev, (Search Quality Senior Strategist).

So, if you have your content in place, you probably should focus on building backlinks pointing to your domain and important pages. Quality links are the ranking factor that can help you outperform your competitors in search.

When you’re new to SEO please read this section What Are Backlinks?Why Are Backlinks Important? and for those of you who know all about external links, let’s dive right in.

How to use the backlink checker?

The Free Backlink Checker is developed to give you access to the backlink profile of any site on the web. See who is linking to you and research your best-performing content. Find your competitor's most valuable backlinks and examine their backlink profile to spot patterns and possible link opportunities.

The time it takes for a link to show up in the backlink database largely depends on the popularity of a website. In general popular websites get indexed faster than smaller / less popular websites.

Google’s index and the backlinks database are two different things.

Backlink checker results explained

Have a closer look at these metrics, so you know how to interpret the results:

  • The tool returns the 100 most valuable backlinks, depending on your selection:
    • External backlinks pointing to a specific page.
    • External backlinks pointing to your complete website.
  • One Link per domain (site-wide links are reduced to a single link in the report).
  • The links are sorted based on the SEMrush Domain Authority score.
  • Anchor text (text or image used for the link).
  • Follow / No-follow label.
  • Total External Links.
  • Referring Domains.
  • Referring IPs.
  • The option to analyze traffic statistics for the specific backlink.
  • Most popular anchor text (the most used link text).
  • Most popular URLs (these are the pages receiving the most backlinks).

Use the export function to generate a . CSV file for Excel or Google Sheets.

Olga Andrienko

How to improve your backlink profile?

Before you start working on improving your backlink profile make sure you have the right content in place. I won’t bother you with the mantra: “Content is King”, oh sorry just did ;-)) But if you don’t have any interesting quality content, it will be pretty hard to get results from your link-building efforts.

So now we have this covered, here are 3 link building strategies you can use to improve your website authority and backlink profile:

  • Lost Link Recovery – Have a look at 404 pages with inbound links. Use a 301 redirect to make sure visitors and search engines get referred to the right page, which will also help you to recover your lost link value.
  • Competitor backlink audit – Analyse the link profile of your competitor and research the opportunities, to match your, or even better outperform your competitor's link profile and subject authority. When performing a competitor backlink audit you should also analyze inbound links pointing to top performing pages, so you don’t miss out on valuable link opportunities.
  • Relation building – Find influencers in your market, who already published well-performing content. For example Best SEO Tools For.., Top 10 products, etc. You know these authors are interested in your subject and are possibly able (when they like your product or service) to get you in front of your audience and earn you a valuable link doing so. To quickly identify list posts, resources, and authors for your subject have a look at the Link Building Tool.

Backlinks are links pointing from website A to website B. Some frequently used synonyms (also in this article) are external links, inbound links, incoming links.
The total number of backlinks pointing to your complete website and their quality, result in the overall authority of your domain. The external links that point to a specific page help this page to rank in the search engine results (depending on their quality and relevance).

Backlinks are important because they are basically seen by search engines as votes, from one website to another. The more “votes” your website has earned, the higher your website will rank in search engines.

Backlink Report Filters

You can now use the search function to dig through your backlink profile and zoom in on backlinks with a specific anchor text or coming from domains with a specific domain Authority score.

Here is a list of the available filter operators:

  • Find a range of values between - or to
  • Wildcard for a single, non-space character. ?
  • Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters. *
  • Logical “or” | or OR
  • Logical “and” && or AND


  • 29/04/2020 – Changed API from Ahrefs to SEMrush.
  • 16/04/2018 – Extra column “Destination page” added when performing a full domain backlink check.
  • 16/04/2018 – Added most popular anchor text and most popular URLs Tabs.
  • 16/03/2018 – Advanced backlink search filters.
  • 09/04/2017 – Changed API from Moz to Ahrefs.

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